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Flydubai Airlines

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Popular Flydubai International Flights

Flydubai Airlines Flight Booking

The service of Flydubai is the most economical, offering both comfort and cutting-edge technology. It provides exceptional ground and aerial service. The Dubai government founded Flydubai back in 2008. The airline was initially launched with help from Emirates Airlines. After Air Arabia the second-leading low-cost airline operated by the Emiratis is Flydubai. 

The Dubai International Airport serves as the company's primary airport and is where its headquarters are located. Around 1400 flights a week are offered by Flydubai to more than 85 international locations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe. The airline is one of the most affordable airlines that provides comfort as well as the latest amenities. It offers first-rate support both on the ground and in the skies.

The network of Flydubai is gradually growing to accommodate the rising demand for comfortable and convenient flights that link Dubai with the world. Above all, Flydubai ticket prices are affordable. The low rates, entertainment, cuisine, and seats are just a few of the many outstanding features of its flight services. By offering top-notch customer service, it has captured the hearts of numerous travellers.

Flydubai Connectivity and Fleet Information

Flydubai has a fleet of 76 Boeing 737 MAX models and Boeing 737-800 aircraft, two of the latest flight models in service that are known for their lower emissions. The airline runs from Dubai and travels to 114 locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Flying with Flydubai on a Boeing 737 MAX aeroplane is convenient for passengers not only because it emits fewer emissions, but also because it features new quiet-engine technology. All the flights have seating for 189 people in a high-density configuration. The recently introduced cabin services offer additional room and privacy, efficiency, dependability, and passenger comfort with flat beds for business class passengers while the economy class can experience the Recaro seats.

Flydubai Airlines Awards

As a well-known low-cost airline flying in the Middle East, Flydubai offers many good quality services.

  • Best Low-Cost Airline Serving the Middle East at the Business Traveller Middle East, 2022, 2021 & 2019
  • The Best Passenger Comfort Innovation by APEX, 2018
  • The Best Cabin Innovation by APEX, 2018
  • Award for the Air Cargo Operator of the Year given by the Business Traveller - Middle East, 2019

Flydubai Airlines Class of Travel

With Flydubai booking travellers can choose between two classes according to the amenities they require for their trip and their fare.

  • Economy class
  • Business class

Economy Class

Passengers can anticipate a reasonably priced and comfortable flight when they travel on Flydubai flights with economy class. They can experience a tranquil environment throughout their journey thanks to the cabin's ample space and natural light.

  • Comfortable quality seats
  • Individual touchscreen displays
  • Great legroom
  • AVOD entertainment in flight
  • Option to buy snacks and drinks
  • WiFi through buyable packages

Business Class

Travelling with flydubai offers superb travel from the moment passengers show up at the airport until the moment they disembark at their destination when flying with business class. 

  • Relaxing wide seating
  • Expanded legroom
  • Completely flat reclining seats
  • AVOD on the flight for entertainment
  • WiFi through buyable packages
  • Individual touchscreen displays
  • Delectable foods for snacking and meals
  • Complementary warm and cold drinks
  • Check-in on priority
  • Special check-in kiosks
  • Business lounge access

Flydubai Airlines Baggage Allowance

Passengers flying in Economy Class on Flydubai can check in up to three bags depending on the route the limit would be set from 20 kg, 30 kg or 40 kg. With a Flydubai online booking, additionally, they can buy extra luggage that can weigh up to 20 kg, 30 kg or 40 kg if each of their bags weighs 32 kg or less. The ticket price on a few flights might include a baggage allowance. In addition to their checked bags, travellers flying by economy class are allowed to carry one item for 7 kg as their hand luggage. Passengers flying Business Class on Flydubai are permitted to check a maximum of three luggage containers covering 40 kg total as checked baggage and as much as two luggage items, each totalling 14 kg as their carry-on luggage. 

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Flydubai Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Online check-in is available through Flydubai from 48 hours to 75 minutes preceding the flight departure. Passengers can attempt check-in online using the flydubai app, desktop, and mobile websites. Real-time information, including gate adjustments and boarding announcements, is sent by the app via notifications. 

Travellers can choose their preferred seats, add baggage, upgrade to their Flydubai tickets and do more when checking in and receiving their boarding passes. In some airports, even once the online check-in is done, passengers might be required to go to the check-in desk at the airport to confirm their identity and display their boarding pass.

Flydubai Airlines In-flight Services

From the minute guests board the aircraft, Flydubai Airway is dedicated to making certain that they enjoy their trip. Ergonomic seat designs maximise legroom for optimal comfort, and the onboard entertainment system offers countless hours of entertainment to keep passengers entertained. Delicious snacks and beverages are available from the in-flight menu, while the WiFi on offer keeps customers entertained on the flight.

Flydubai Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Emirates Skywards

The frequent flyer plan for Flydubai is called Emirates Skywards. It is affiliated with the frequent flyer program of Emirates Airlines, allowing travellers to receive Skyward Miles while travelling with both flydubai and Emirates. On all flydubai flights, the travellers can collect their Skywards Miles and their Tier Miles. They can make a reservation on with a connecting flydubai ticket to earn Miles or alternatively use to book any flight. Depending on one's location, ticket price, travelling class and membership tier, one can earn different amounts of Skywards Miles. 

The Skywards Miles can be used in a variety of ways. Along with using them on flydubai ticket booking and Emirates bookings, customers may use the earned Skywards Miles on affiliates across the world, such as hotels, automobile rental agencies, and other organisations.

Flydubai Airlines Onboard Support

For travellers in need of special help, Flydubai flight booking offers a range of services to passengers to ensure their comfort and reduce any chance of a stressful flight. The airline provides assistance for pregnant women and people in need of a wheelchair. They also provide a restraint or harness system for infants, children, and adults who need help buckling themselves into their seats. On their website, Flydubai provides more details regarding onboard assistance. The website of Flydubai has further details on onboard assistance.

About Flydubai Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Passengers who purchase flydubai tickets up to 7 days in advance and then cancel the reservations right away within 24 hours may be eligible for a full refund and waived of any cancellation penalties, depending on the Flydubai ticket price and kind of Flydubai flight booking. Under normal circumstances, travellers may cancel their reservations up to 60 days before the scheduled departure without incurring any fees. However, if the ticket is cancelled after the allotted 60 days, a cancellation fee is charged based on the amount of time left before the flight's departure. In the event of a flight disruption caused by the airline, travellers can make reservations between 10 days from their prior flight date, free of charge.

Please refer to Flydubai Airlines' cancellation policy here.

Cleartrip: Runway for Flydubai Airlines Flights

Started in 2009 as a government-owned, low-cost airline by the Emirati government, Flydubai connects major destinations to the city of Dubai. The airline is famous for its affordable, low-cost rates. Flydubai is closely associated with Emirates Airlines as they are both owned by the government consequently, they share their frequent flyer program.

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Flydubai FAQ

  1. When can I check in online with Flydubai Airlines?

    Flydubai bookings can be checked in online within 48 hours to 75 mins prior to the departure.

  2. How much luggage can I bring on Flydubai Airlines for free?

    Passengers may check-in max three bags in economy class only if the weight limit does not surpass the restrictions, subject to the baggage allowance for the flight route. In business class, they are allowed to check a maximum of three baggage items with a total weight limit of 40 kg.

  3. Does Flydubai Airlines require a separate seat for an infant?

    Up to two babies are allowed to travel for each accompanying adult with Flydubai booking. One baby is expected to be flying in an approved car seat secured to a seat that faces them, while the other may be carried. Separate seating must be booked for the car-style seat, and it has to be purchased if not carried on the person.

  4. Does Flydubai Airlines need online check-in for all flights?

    Wherever possible passengers are advised to check in digitally for a seamless Flydubai experience. Passengers can also check in at airport check-in counters.

  5. How many overseas locations does Flydubai Airlines serve?

    The carrier operates from Dubai, connecting 114 total destinations from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa

  6. What types of in-flight entertainment does Flydubai Airlines provide?

    The entertainment options offered by Flydubai will keep customers busy throughout their travel. With regards to the newest movies, engaging TV shows, the latest music, and exciting games, they have a wide variety of choices. Aboard Boeing 737-800, passengers can access complimentary in-flight media streaming services via personal devices, while every economy seat in the 737 MAX has its own touchscreen. Business-class passengers have access to the whole entertainment suite, which comes with a library of content and games included in their fare.

  7. Do pets get to travel in the cabin on Flydubai Airlines?

    No pets other than Falcons with special permission are granted travel in the cabin of Flydubai.

  8. Is alcohol served on board by Flydubai Airlines?

    Wine and beer are available on some itineraries with Flydubai. Passengers are advised to check their routes for more information on alcohol consumption on board.

  9. What is the airline code for Flydubai Airlines?


  10. What is the alcohol carry-on allowance on Flydubai Airlines?

    Permission to transmit alcohol differs according to the route, it is best to verify with the airlines about the permission for a particular flight.